bird proofingWhen wild birds gather in large numbers like they are prone to do in city centres, towns and coastal resorts then they can cause a public nuisance and create problems. They are attracted to major conurbations because they will usually find a ready supply of waste food available to keep them happy.

Once they start gathering on buildings they can cause a great deal of damage, make a lot of noise and produce a lot of guano which is corrosive and causes a health and safety issue. In addition, birds such as seagulls can sometimes get aggressive and have been known to swoop and attack people.

In light of this, when birds start to become a problem then it pays to implement a bird proofing solution.

Problems that Birds can cause

The type of problems birds can cause includes:

    • Structural damage caused by acidic deposits that exist in their guano
    • Nests in chimneys and gutters which can cause flooding and a fire hazard
    • Nesting can also cause secondary pest infestations of insects or rats and mice that sometimes use abandoned birds nests to create shelter for themselves
    • Birds carry diseases such as salmonella and ornithosis which can be spread in their feathers and guano
    • Bird droppings cause damage to the paintwork of cars and also make pavements slippery and hazardous

To deal with these problems it is important to implement bird proofing solutions that are humane and do not cause any harm to the birds. There are a variety of RSPB approved bird control methods that are available such as bird netting, bird spikes, and post and wire systems. The bird proofing solution will depend on the bird species that you are trying to control.

At Europest we have many years experience dealing with bird control problems and we have a range of bird proofing solutions that can help you. Contact us now to discuss your bird control problems with us.