When wild birds gather in large numbers on domestic and commercial buildings they can create a wide range of problems such as:

bird control expert

– Structural damage which is caused by acidic deposits that exist in their guano
– Building nests in chimneys and gutters which can cause flooding and potentially be a fire hazard
– Additional pest infestations of insects or rats and mice that sometimes use abandoned birds’ nests to create shelter
– Diseases such as salmonella and ornithosis which can be spread in bird feathers and guano
– Damage to the paintwork of cars by bird droppings and also making pavements slippery and hazardous

In the event of a bird control problem then it makes sense to bring in bird control experts such as Europest to deal with the issue. Europest provide an extensive range of bird control and bird proofing solutions to effectively control pest birds and deter them from causing damage.

RSPB approved bird control solutions

Our team are highly trained and experienced and the bird control methods that we use are all RSPB approved so you can be rest assured that no harm will come to the birds. Typically the bird control methods we use include bird spikes, bird netting, post and wire systems, bird repellent sound systems and bird scaring devices. On occasion we are also asked to provide bird trapping and egg and nest removal.

As bird control experts we conduct comprehensive site surveys of domestic and commercial buildings that are experiencing bird problems so that we can determine the appropriate solution to eradicate the problem.

When you work with bird control experts you know that you are dealing with trained professionals who have the appropriate equipment and possess the relevant know-how to deal with bird problems safely, effectively and in line with the law.

If you are experiencing bird problems and would like us to conduct a site investigation then please contact us now.