Europest aims to deliver a complete set of Pest Control Services for the discerning home or business owner. Our qualified team of pest control experts has the knowledge and experience to tackle any problem, from rodent infestations and bed bug problems to issues with flying and crawling insects.

As one of the South West’s leading Pest Control Services, Europest presents a quality, accredited approach to any pest control problem. We take the training of our staff very seriously, and each Europest technician is an accredited member of the British Pest Control Association and National Pest Technicians Association. We also encourage refresher training to ensure our team is clued up on the latest approved techniques within the industry.

All our Pest Control Services begin with a free quotation and consultation, here your requirements and property are fully assessed to ensure our pest control team has the information they need to suggest the correct prevention and exclusion methods for your specific problem.

Following each and every site visit, we also leave a written report to explain our findings further. Keeping both our domestic and commercial clients informed throughout the entire process is important to us, and this procedure is utilized during all our Pest Control Services.

Europest provides a comprehensive list of Pest Control Services to cater to problems big and small. The most common service we carry out is rodent control. Rat and mice infestations are particularly prevalent in the UK’s homes and business properties, and we use approved techniques to effectively exclude these problem pests from your premises.

Flying and crawling insect control is a major part of our Pest Control Services, whilst the treatment of bed bugs, fleas and textile pests is also popular with our domestic and commercial client base.

Here at Europest, we provide a range of bird control programs for sites overrun with pigeons, seagulls and other nuisance species. Our falconry service offers an effective deterrent that goes back to nature and utilizes the predator/prey relationship. Our birds of prey have been specially bred and trained for use in Pest Control Services and can be put into action during nesting seasons to encourage pest birds to nest away from your premises.

Netting, post and wire systems, spike systems and Bird Free optical fire gel systems also form part of our bird control strategy.

To find out more about our Pest Control Services please call 0800 587 05 06.