Large gatherings of wild birds such as crows, pigeons and seagulls are very common in city centers, towns and coastal resorts. They are attracted to built-up areas because there is always a ready supply of waste food that is available and plenty of places for them to shelter and breed. Once they gather on buildings they can cause a great deal of damage, make lots of noise and also produce plenty of farces which can potentially cause a health and safety issue.


When this starts to happen and they cause a nuisance to your home or business property then it’s time to find a bird control solution that will stop them. Wild birds are protected so it’s very important that any bird control measures that you use doesn’t cause the birds any harm. This is where bird spikes can be a good deterrent. Bird spikes stop birds from roosting and becoming a nuisance and they can be used in a variety of places such as window ledges, roofs, walls, gutters and even on CCTV cameras. Basically anywhere that a bird likes to land on is a good place for putting bird spikes. The spikes are difficult to land on and they stop birds gathering in large numbers and becoming a pest.

Bird spikes are RSPB approved and no harm will actually be caused to the bird. The spikes are designed so that they stick upwards and outwards and they can be bought in various sizes and strengths depending on the type of bird.

Additional bird control measures

Other bird control methods include netting which can be used to cover the face of a building and roof to stop birds from landing and roosting. Netting is often used in large warehouses and in sports stadiums to stop large congregations of birds gathering.

Post and wire systems are another bird control method. These are made of nylon and wire filaments and are designed in a criss-cross pattern to cover ridges and flat roofs.

There are a variety of bird control methods on the market depending on the type of bird and the size of the problem. At Europest we have many years experience of dealing with bird control problems of all shapes and sizes so if you need any advice or assistance then please get in touch.