An effective but less common way of controlling pest birds is through the use of birds of prey – not to kill them, but to scare them away. A bird of prey is a natural threat to pigeons and seagulls so the mere presence of them is enough to deter nuisance birds from becoming a problem. All animals have a natural instinct to avoid predators and pigeons and gulls are no different. Birds of prey, when used in bird management programmes, can be an effective way of changing the behaviour patterns of targeted bird populations.


Carefully controlled birds of prey can have a very positive affect on changing the habits of nuisance birds and when they are trained and handled by expert falconers, they are a natural and humane way of dealing with bird control problems.

The benefits of using birds of prey include:

  • The removal of birds without killing them
  • Can be used alongside other proofing methods
  • Humane and natural way of controlling birds
  • Doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of buildings like spikes and netting sometimes can
  • Excellent success rate of changing nuisance bird behaviours
  • At Europest we have many years of experience of using birds of prey to control pest birds. We use Harris Hawks and Peregrine Falcons that are trained specifically for the job and all of our falconers are highly trained and experienced in managing the process.

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