Seagull Egg & Nest Clearance Services

Egg-NestThe nature of the seagull sees their attempt to make nests and breed each year at the same locations. This will lead more young on the roof and recurring increase in population each year at the site should no control systems be put in place.

Seagulls cause a nuisance in shopping areas, they are noisy, foul cars and buildings, tear open refuse bags and when protecting young during their breeding season (April – September) their aggressive behaviour can be intimidating to your employees and/or visitors. The presence of attacking seagulls can also pose a health and safety issue for any contractor or staff working at height (roof areas).

Seagull egg and nest removal is possible is certain circumstances and in justified areas.

Seagull egg and nest removal programs are a long term treatment as they necessitate constant regular clearances every year in the problem area. Once the pest birds have moved on due to unsuccessful nesting in the previous problem areas, the visits can become less frequent.


LegislationAny action taken must be justified in terms of the General Licenses made under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and control methods can include egg and nest removal exercises.

Europest are Licensed Waste Carriers and will carry out a full COSHH.

A Method Statement and Risk Assessment will also be carried out prior to any works commencing.

Bird Waste Clearance & Decontamination

Bird-Waste-ClearanceBird droppings can result in permanent damage to the structure of your building or equipment if it is not dealt with correctly.

Bird nesting hotspots such as roofs, balconies, ventilation areas, and lofts provide birds with a sheltered area.

When used regularly by bird pests, bodily secretions can accumulate.

These secretions present a health and safety issue and cause corrosion of the areas it is present on.

The odour and contaminants from bird fouling can also be a health and safety risk as bird faeces are known to carry bacteria and funguses and can compromise your immune system causing diseases, including: Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis.

An effective bird clearance and decontamination service from Europest is not only vital to improve the aesthetic appearance, it also ensures human health issues are eradicated and the life of the contamination surface is continued.

Such decontamination regimes are recommended prior to the installation of one of our bird control systems.

Europest are Licensed Waste Carriers and will carry out a full COSHH, Method Statement and Risk Assessment prior to any works being carried out.