Pigeons can be found all over the UK, residing in coastal towns, in-land urban areas and many of our towns and cities. Pigeons love urban areas because there is a constant supply of food scraps to keep them thriving. Unfortunately they also bring problems such as droppings, noise and building damage.

pigeon removal

When they congregate in large numbers pigeons can cause lots of unsightly damage with their guano and this can also cause a health and safety hazard. Pigeons also carry a range of diseases and mites which can cause a public health problem, especially if they come into contact with food.

If pigeons are becoming a problem to your property then we would advise not to take the matter into your own hands. Pigeons are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 so it is illegal to injure or kill pigeons and to interfere with their eggs and nests.

Having said that, there are some practical measures that you can take which will help to alleviate the problem. Please see below some of our best pigeon removal suggestions:

Dispose of food scraps carefully so that pigeons can’t access them.
Do not feed pigeons. This encourages bigger populations.
Try using bird spikes or netting to stop them from landing and nesting. Spikes can be used on roofs, window sills and chimney stacks to stop them from settling and netting can be used to cover the roof and the face of a building to stop them from landing and nesting. Spikes and netting are RSPB approved and cause no harm to pigeons or any other birds
Use a post and wire system. Post and wire systems are made of nylon and wire filaments and designed in a criss-cross pattern to cover flat roofs and ridges. This stops pigeons from landing.
Use an electrical charge system. These give out a low electrical charge and give the pigeon a small shock and fly away. No harm is caused to the pigeon through one of these systems.

If you are experiencing pigeon control problems then we recommend that you bring in a professional bird control team to act on your behalf to deal with the issue.


At Europest we have many years experience in dealing with pigeon control problems so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice.