Cluster flies, although not dangerous, can be a big problem during the autumn months. During autumn, cluster flies start looking for shelter and they will tend to invade large buildings and loft spaces in very large numbers.

Cluster flies also tend to be creatures of habit so if they’ve used the space before; the chances are that they will return to the same place on a yearly basis.

Unfortunately there is very little you can do to stop cluster flies entering a building. Sealing gaps around windows and covering any cracks may help but flies are pretty determined insects and once a few get into the building, the others will follow.

cluster flies
If cluster flies are causing you a problem then you can use an ordinary aerosol fly spray and that will kill most of the flies it hits but it won’t penetrate the cracks and tiny gaps where flies could be hibernating.

You also have to be careful when using aerosol sprays that there are no bats in the same space because it is illegal to use insecticides in their presence.

Using a vacuum cleaner can also be fairly effective on small infestations but once again, this will only get the flies you can see. The flies that are hibernating will remain untouched.


Dealing with large infestations of cluster flies

For larger infestations and to get rid of flies which are hibernating you should call in a professional pest control team. Europest has many years experience of eradicating cluster flies and we have the pest control solutions that can help you.

Typical methods we use are low pressure sprays in easy accessible buildings. This method will kill the flies quickly and continue to kill new and emerging flies for several months.

In larger buildings we use powered fog generators which can clear the building quickly of any cluster flies and also penetrate gaps and cracks where they might be hibernating.

Whatever the size of your cluster fly problem we can help you. Contact us now for any help you might need.